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  • ❤EasytoPlay-Nobatteriesandothertoolsrequired,childrenjustneedtobepatient,whichcannotonlydeveloptheirhand-eyecoordinationability,butalsotheirpatience.

  • ❤EducationalGift-Byassemblingandbuildingdifferentbuildingblocksform,itcannotonlydevelopstudents'hobbygreatlybutalsoinspiretheirimaginationandcreativity.

  • ❤IdealReward-Withuniqueandcolorfulshapedesign,thesebuildingstickscanbetheidealrewardforkids,makingthemgreateducationalgiftforkids.

  • ❤RelationshipBonding-Parentsandkidscanworktogethertofinishit,duringwhichtheycanenjoytheprocessoffamilycollaboration.Kidsandtheirfriendscanalsoworktogethertocompleteit.

  • ❤Type:25PCS/36PCS/42PCS/64PCS

  • Features:Portable - It can be stored easily by stacking and doesn't take up too much space, making it can be brought to restaurants, grandparent's house, waiting rooms and meetings, etc.
    Easy to Play- No batteries and other tools required, children just need to be patient, which can not only develop their hand-eye coordination ability, but also their patience.
    Educational Gift- By assembling and building different building blocks form, it can not only develop students' hobby greatly but also inspire their imagination and creativity.
    Ideal Reward- With unique and colorful shape design, these building sticks can be the ideal reward for kids, making them great educational gift for kids.
    Relationship Bonding- Parents and kids can work together to finish it, during which they can enjoy the process of family collaboration. Kids and their friends can also work together to complete it.
    Specifications:Material: Plastic/Magnetic
    Net Weight: 400/500/610/860g
    Note:Please allow 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement.
    Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.Package includes:1 Set of Magnet Building Sticks

    YO-HAPPY DIY Magnet Building Sticks Set Stacking Geometry Magnetic Blocks Educational Classic Construction Toy for Kids