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  • Purpose:Modeldisplaybox,dustcover,Legoscouthelmet75305,andcanalsodisplayotheryourfavoritemodels

  • Thesizeoftheproductis25x20x20cm,whichcanperfectlyprotectthemodel

  • Easytoinstall:Comeswithpaperinstructions,easytounderstand,detachableandnoteasytoloose,evenbeginnerscancomplete

  • Highquality:high-precisionlasercuttingtechnology,noscratchesandburrsonthesurface,smoothhandfeeling.Thelighttransmittanceisashighas98%,thequalityisgood,andthepriceislow

  • Value:Itcanbetterdisplaythemodel,protectthemodelfromdamage,andmakethemodellookmorebeautiful.Itisanexcellentchoiceformodelbuildingblockcollectors

  • Guarantee: We machine production, strictly control the quality, choose , you will get high-quality products. In addition, if the product has any problems such as missing parts, please circle it in the manual and send the photo to us, we will send it to you for free. Thank you for being beautiful and handsome.


    .Color: As Shown
    .Material: Acrylic
    .Product Size: 25 x 20 x 20cm
    .Product Weight:1800g

    Package Including
    .1 x Display Box

    YCKJZXF Acrylic Display Box for Lego Scout Trooper Helmet 75305 Display Case Compatible with Lego 75305 without Lego set