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  • Colourfulinflatableanimal-shapedtoytoberidden,hoparound,bouncinghereandthere|Perfecttoplaybothindoorsandoutdoors

  • Madeofthickrubber-robustanddurable

  • Developsthemuscles,movementcontrol,coordination,andsenseofbalanceofyourchild|Suitableevenforchildrenwhohavenotstartedwalkingyet

  • Idealforchildrenbetween2and3years|Underthesupervisionofanadult,suitablealsoforchildrenover18monthsofage

  • Easytoinflate,keepcleanandstore

  • Jumping horse (bouncy hopper) is children's favorite playmate! Your little ones will learn balance and coordination while riding on the horse and having fun!


    The maximum of loading capacity: 100 lbs. /50kg.
    Weight: 1.8kg
    Recommended Ages: 3 Years .
    Cleaning: water or wet towel.


    Step 1: Take out the inserted white plug (air stopper) from the hopper belly
    Step 2: Insert the tip of the pump into the mouth (built-in variable aperture)
    Step 3: Pumping the hopper to proper size
    Step 4: Quickly replace the white plug back into the hole to stop air leak. Bounce!


    Small kids can ride in a place, big baby can bounce while walking.
    The kids must grab the little ear while. This will ensure better security.
    Suitable for a kid to ride on, two play together is dangerous, do not advocate playing with two babies.

    TOY Inflatable Ride On Bouncy Horse Space Hopper Music Jumping Horse Ride-On Bouncing Animal for for 2 3 4 5 Year Old Boys And Girls Toddlers