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  • Funwoodentoysfor1yearoldwithclickclacktrackcarsandzigzagcartrackramp,supersafe4woodencarsandrooftopcarpark(garage).Thecarparkisuniqueanddifferentfromothersimilarproducts.Thecarsaresafefortoddlers.Thecartracksetsize31*25*10.8CM

  • Setthecaroffattherooftopcarparkandwatchitslidingdownlevelbylevelofthezigzagcarramptillthebottomtrack.Greatgiftstoddlertoyfortoddlers,afavouritecarramptoysfor1yearoldand2yearsold

  • Thecartrackscomeasassembled.Justclickthecar(garage)parktotheframe.Itiseasyandsimpletosetup,andpackitaway.Itbringsendlessfuntoyoungchildren.Whybuyamoreexpensive,complicatedanddifficulttoassemblecarrampracerorcargarageplaysetwhenthiscarracetracksliderservesbothtypesofcartoyswithevenmorefun?Parkthecarsonthetopgarage,orracethecarsontheracetrackorjustplaywiththewoodencarsontheirown

  • Thiswoodencarrampracerissuitableforchildrenof18monthsandover.Itisalwaysadvisablethatanadultsupervisesandenjoystheinteractionofchildrenwiththiscarracingtoyforkids.Bestwoodentoys-carslidetoysfor1,2and3yearsoldboysandgirls

  • Safeandenvironmentallyfriendly:itismadeofsustainablewoodwithenvironmentallyfriendlyandnon-toxicpaints.ItconformstoECEN71,ASTMF963andCPSIAtoyssafetyStandards;beingtestedandcertifiedbyInternationalAccreditedLabs.

  • Wooden car zig zag slide with ramp tracks, 4 cars and roof top car park. This is the best wooden toy for toddler boys and girls. With the car park on top, this car park playset is unique and different from other wooden car racer toys. It is easy to set up and fun to play. It is suitable for children of 18 months and over. Set the car off on the top track and watch it sliding down level by level to the bottom track. It can be played by one child or more children by taking turns. It is robust and easy to play and brings endless fun to young children. Great wooden car toy for toddlers.

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    TOWO Wooden Car Ramp Toy- Zig Zag Car Slide with 4 Wooden Cars & Roof Top Car Park Playsets-Click Clack Track Wooden Car Toys for Toddlers -Racing Car toys for Kids Boys Girls 1 2 3 4