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  • BABYPLAYARCH-foruseonpushchair,suitableforbabiesfrombirth

  • UNIVERSALCLIPS-tosecurelyfastentheplayarch,fittingyourpramand/orpushchair

  • FLEXIBLEARCHES-enablethepushchairarchtobeadjustedtosuityourlittleone'sageandabilities

  • MUSICALACTIVITYBARWITHCRABTOY-thatplaysmelodies,teachingthebasicsofcauseandeffect

  • BABYARCHHASMAGICALUNDERWATERDESIGN-includingeightfunactivitiestokeepbabyengagedwithadorableunderwatercharacters

  • STIMULATEYOURBABY'SDEVELOPMENT-throughsixessentialskills(TinyLove'sDevelopmentalWonders)tosupporttheirjourneyofexploration


  • Tiny Love's Treasure the Ocean Musical Nature Pushchair arch offers babies eight playful activities that provide indoor and on-the-go fun and amusement. The different toys on the activity arch offer your little one audio, visual and tactile stimulation and their responsive features teach babies the basics of cause and effect, supporting cognitive development. Having a familiar toy when out and about also reassures babies, giving them a sense of familiarity and order in unfamiliar, new surroundings. The universal attachment clips of the pram arch make this an ideal pushchair toy for your little one. The Tiny Love Treasure the Ocean Musical Nature Stroll promotes your baby's development and stimulates the following developmental wonders: motor skills, senses and cognition. Musical Nature Stroll is part of the Treasure the Ocean collection, educating little ones to love and protect the ocean.

    Tiny Love Treasure The Ocean Musical Nature Pushchair Arch Pushchair Arch Baby Activity Bar Arch Toy 0m+