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  • Details:totallengthof35mmconsistsof8precisionparts,integratedcushioningaccessories,thehandletofeelthepositionanddecompressthemagic.Hydraulicjawsuite,stomachmechanicalcore,openingwingsandhydrauliclegconnections,allfullofdetails

  • Productsize:29.6x18.8x14.2cm.OntheheadistheChineseabbreviation,aweaponthatisacombinationofaspearandanaxe,HALBERDistheEnglishabbreviation,HELMETSQUADistheserialname.

  • Material:useoffoodgradestainlesssteel,aluminumandcoppertoavoidinjuryduringassembly;themetalshaveacomfortabletouch,durabilityandaesthetic;allofthesemetalmaterialsareofhighqualityandthepackagingisenvironmentallyfriendly.

  • Wonderfulexperience:1014PCS+andassemblytimeisabout8-10hours.Theyexploredifferenttypesoflifeinthemechanicalforestandcivilizationandinformationbeforethemechanicalworld.

  • Interiordesignandbestgiftchoice:themodelcanbeanexhibitofacollectionorelementofanenclosure.Itcanbeagiftforyourfriendswhoareinterestedinanimalsandmechanicalstructures,andagiftforyourchildren.

  • Product description

    SPRING2014 3D Technic Metal Puzzle Mechanical Dynastes, 30 cm Green, DIY 3D Metal Model Kit for Adults (1014 Pieces)

    Details: total length of 35 mm consists of 8 precision parts, integrated cushioning accessories, the handle to feel the position and decompress the magic.Hydraulic jaw suite, stomach mechanical core, opening wings and hydraulic leg connections, all full of details.
    Product size: 29.6 x 18.8 x 14.2 cm, the "?" On the head is the Chinese abbreviation, a weapon that is a combination of a spear and an axe, "HALBERD" is the English abbreviation, "HELMET SQUAD" is the serial name.
    .Material: use of food grade stainless steel, aluminum and copper to avoid injury during assembly; all of these metal materials are of high quality and environmentally friendly packaging.
    .Wonderful experience: 1014PCS+ and assembly time is about 8-10 hours. They explore different types of life in the mechanical forest and civilization and information from the mechanical world.
    .Interior design and best gift choice: the model can be an exhibition of a collection or an element of an system. It can be a gift for your friends who are interested in animals and mechanical structures, and a gift for your children.


    Material: aluminium+stainless steel+brass
    Product dimensions: 29.6 x 18.8 x 14.2 cm
    Packaging dimensions: 35 x 28 x 6 cm
    Packaging: graphic cardboard

    Package includes:
    1 x Competitive Edition Beetle.

    SPRING2014 3D Technology Metal Puzzle Mechanical Dynastes 30 cm Green DIY 3D Metal Model Kit for Adults 1014 Pieces Advanced Version