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  • Product1:skilllevel:Beginner

  • Product2:Afunandexcitingsingleplayerbrainteasergame

  • Product2:Helpsdeveloplogicalthinkingskills,visualandspatialpreceptionandstrategicplanningskills

  • Product2:TherearefourlevelsofdifficultyrangingfromStarter-Master

  • Product2:Thereare100funchallenegstocomplete

  • Smart Games , SG023 , Three Little Piggies DeluxeOnce Upon A Time, Can you help the Three Little Piggies build their houses? You can make it so that the piggies can play outside of them? When the wolf arrives you can help them to hide safely? Three Little Piggies is a perfect game for stimulating the minds of little ones. The game includes 3 large, easy to handle puzzle pieces, that will intrigue children for the possibility of hiding the piggies inside. The game includes a booklet with 48 different challenges, 24 with the Wolf and 24 without Wolf. Every challenge proposes a way of placing the piggies on the board. Materials which are pleasant to the touch and a book illustrated with the fairy tale of the three little piggies complete this fun game. The book also contains the solutions.Colour Code (English)Stack it up, one tile at a time! SmartGames - Colour Code delivers a burst of fun: with 100 challenges to choose from over four different levels of difficulty that range from Starter - Master, you could literally play all day! Colour Code uses 18 bold, coloured shapes, each on a see-through tile. Pick a challenge, and then all you have to do is stack a rack of tiles to recreate the exact composition presented by your challenge! Think smart! There are several key points to remember. You must combine shape, colour, and order then decide which way round each tile needs to be to achieve the challenge you have picked! This game helps stimulate the following cognitive skills - Flexible Thinking, Language, Logic, Problem Solving, Spatial Insight.

    Smart Games SG023 Three Little Piggies Deluxe & Colour CodeEnglish