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  • BumpandspinyourwaythroughtheairwiththeBumperSpin

  • Thrown’catchtheBumperSpinnerasyoubattleyourwaytovictory.Trainonyourownorplaywithafriendtobringoutyourcompetitivesidefortheultimatespinnerfight

  • Performtrickswithdifferentthrowingspeedsandangles.GettheBumperSpinnertoperformlikeaboomerangorgetyourfriendstocompeteinaspinnerbattle

  • WatchastheBumperSpinnerLEDslightupastheyflythroughtheair.Thepropellerguardandprotectionringprotectslittlefingers,withautoshutsoffforextrasafetywhenneeded

  • Suitableforchildrenandadultsover8years.Batteryrequirements:1xRechargeableLi-PObattery&1xUSBChargingCable(included)Coloursmayvary

  • Product Description

    Bump and spin your way through the air with the Bumper Spin. Throw n’ catch the Bumper Spinner as you battle your way to victory. Train on your own or play with a friend to bring out your competitive side for the ultimate spinner fight. Perform tricks with different throwing speeds and angles. Get the Bumper Spinner to perform like a boomerang or get your friends to compete in a spinner battle. Watch as the Bumper Spinner LEDs light up as they fly through the air. The propeller guard and protection ring protects little fingers, with auto shuts off for extra safety when needed. Suitable for 8 years+. Colours may vary - blue or black.

    SilverLit 84794 Flybotic Bumper Spin Hand Controlled Mini UFO Drone with LED Lights for Boys and Girls Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Play Blue Black