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  • nanoblockElectricGuitar-fromthe‘MiniatureCollection’

  • Challengingthree-dimensionalpuzzlewithamazinglysmallsizedbuildingblocks

  • Levelofdifficulty1outof8

  • 150+miniaturebuildingblocks4x4x5mm

  • Suitablefrom8+years

  • Product Description

    Enter the ever expanding 'nanoverse' with this miniature Electric Guitar nanoblock™ sculpture!

    The nanoblock™ ‘Miniature Collection’ includes a wide range of animals and musical instruments. The animals are generally speaking not your ordinary ‘run-of-the-mill’ selection and tend to have something more interesting about them; such as Japanese Tree Frogs, Hokkaido Dogs, Budgerigars and Giant Pandas. Form a miniature band with the Synthesizer, Drum Set and Electric Guitar or perform a piccolo concerto on the Grand Piano!

    nanoblocks are all about the creative construction process with rewarding sculptural results – the perfect three-dimensional puzzle! The miniature blocks connect securely to create extremely detailed objects of varying size and complexity. nanoblock™ is continually on the look-out for interesting and challenging subjects with different levels of difficulty. Once the ‘Miniature Collection’ Series has been mastered, being the easiest with 70-200 pieces, followers can then progress onto the ‘Sights to See Collection’ with 200-600 pieces. But if that is not enough, they can try the ‘Advanced Hobby Series’ for the freedom to create anything up 6,000 bricks worth of monumental accomplishment! Packs are marked with a scale from 1-8 bricks (1 being the easiest) to show the level of difficulty.

    set 160 pieces