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  • -ThetoysarecraftedwithoriginalandEco-friendlyABSPlasticmaterial,non-toxic,reliableandlightweightandcomfortableinthehand,harmlesstohumanandenvironment.

  • -Figuresare18-cmcollectibleactionfiguresinspiredbyiconicfilmscenesanddesignedwithspecsanddetailstoreflecttheTransformersfilmuniverse.

  • -Movablejointscanbeconvertedintotwodifferentshapes,robotandcarriage.

  • -TheDeformationcarsisaperfecttoyforkidsage6+.

  • -ItisthebestgiftforChristmasorBirthday,Christmas,parties,andotherfestivalsforchildren.

  • Car toys, robot cars, transformers, this toy is made of high-quality materials, does not contain irritating odors, fits and deforms, uses hands and brains to achieve deformation, has strong playability, and can reduce the distance away from electronic products. The robot car is multi-joint deformed and poses in a vivid image. There are various styles of Transformers in the store, and various movie models for you to choose from. I hope you can choose the toys you like. It can be given as a gift to your loved ones or family and friends. Thank you for visiting our store. Your praise is our greatest support and encouragement, and it will also be our driving force for continuous improvement! Hope you have a good shopping!
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    With high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and excellent design, this puzzle toy can stimulate children's curiosity and interest, and develop children's intelligence and imagination.
    Keep your kids away from computers, mobile phones and TVs to improve their coordination and thinking skills.
    Packing specification: 27*10*22cm
    Product specifications: 12CM (human height)
    Car length: 12CM
    Product material: Plastic/small amount of alloy composition
    packing list:
    1/6 X transformation car

    QIXIAOCYB Robot car Deformation Toy King Kong Deformation,Optimus Hornet Drifting Dinosaur Transforming Car Give Kids Best Birthday Gift Color : S02