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  • Product1:FeaturesahighlyposableLEGObrick-builtdragontoytoflyintobattlestotakeontheevilWyplashfromseason1oftheNINJAGOTVseries

  • Product1:Thedetailedflyingdragontoyhasaposablejaw,tail,legsandwings,andasaddleonitsbackforninjaminifigurestorideintobattles

  • Product1:ThisNinjatoyforkidsage8+comeswith4minifigures:Nya,KaiandZane,plusevilskeletalgeneralWyplash,allarmedwithcoolweapons

  • Product1:IncludesagoldenNyaLegacycollectibleminifigurewithasmallstandtocelebratethe10thanniversaryofLEGONINJAGOsetsforkids

  • Product2:TheLEGONINJAGOunderwatersetfeaturesanactionfigure-aposablemechtoywithacockpitthatopensforLloydtorideinside

  • Product2:Themechtoyhasposablelimbs,alargeswordinonehandandahydraulic,openingclawintheotherforenteringintounderwatercombat

  • Product2:Includes2minifigures:ScubaLloydwithamask,airtankandflippers,andadangerouseel-likeMaarayGuard,plustheirweapons

  • Product2:ThepaircanfightoverthepreciouswaveamuletthatisalsoincludedinthesettoprotecttheLEGONINJAGOCity

  • LEGO 71753 NINJAGO Legacy Fire Dragon Attack Toy with Kai, Zane and Nya Minifigures, Ninja Play Set for Kids 8+ Years Old
    Ninja fans will love playing out aerial adventures from season 1 of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series with the updated Fire Dragon Attack (71753) building set. The impressive dragon toy is ideal for inspiring gripping roleplay action with its posable tail, legs, jaw and wings.The Dragon toy construction set comes with 4 cool minifigures: ninjas Kai, Zane and Nya Legacy, plus their fierce enemy Wyplash, for kids to stage epic good vs. evil clashes. New for June 2021, Nya Legacy is a never-seen-before golden, collectible minifigure with a stand to celebrate 10 years of NINJAGO playsets.LEGO NINJAGO sets provide kids with an escape to a fantasy world of amazing action where they can team up with their heroes to take on a cast of fearsome villains as they play with a wonderful collection of building kits including mechs, bikes and dragons.The fire dragon toy measures over 10.5 in. (27 cm) high, 10.5 in. (27 cm) long and 23 in. (59 cm) wide.Contains 563 pieces.

    LEGO 71750 NINJAGO Lloyd’s Hydro Mech Action Figure Underwater Building Set, Ninja Toy for Kids with Lloyd Minifigure
    Ninja fans can enjoy nonstop fun recreating scenes from the NINJAGO: Seabound TV series with the supercool Lloyd’s Hydro Mech (71750) building set. The ninja toy for kids 7+ years old features an exciting action figure - a posable mech toy with a large sword in one hand and a hydraulic claw in the other to inspire great roleplay action. The LEGO underwater playset has 2 minifigures: Scuba Lloyd with a mask, air tank and flippers, and the villainous Maaray Guard. Kids can play out their own adventures to see which one of this warring pair can win the wave amulet that is also included in the set. LEGO NINJAGO sets allow kids to escape to an incredible fantasy world where they can learn about the ninja values of courage, self-sacrifice and family through enriching roleplay. They can choose to act out their make-believe stories with an amazing collection of cool toys including dragons, mechs and vehicles. The action figure mech toy stands over 6.5 in. (17 cm) high. Contains 228 pieces.

    LEGO 71753 NINJAGO Legacy Fire Dragon Attack Toy for Kids 8+ Years Old & 71750 NINJAGO Lloyd’s Hydro Mech Action Figure Underwater Building Set Ninja Toy for Kids with Lloyd Minifigure