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  • SENSORYTOY:Thesepushchairtoysforbabiesfeaturemultipledifferenttexturesandcrinklefinstokeepyourlittleoneengagedandentertainedwhilestimulatingtheirsenses!

  • BABYTEETHER:Eachofthesetoysfornewbornbabieshaveachewyfishtailtohelpsootheyourbabyinmomentsofdiscomfort,allowingthemtochewandbitewhileplayingandlearning

  • FUNANDCOLOURFUL:Afunfishdesign,brightlycolouredribbonsandaclear'page'thatopensandcloses,allowsyourlittleonetoexploreanddiscoverawholenewworldunderthesea!Withlotstosee,hearandtouchyourbabywillnevergetbored!

  • CARSEAT,COT,PUSHCHAIR,STROLLER&PRAMTOY:Thishighlyversatilebabytoycomeswitharingthatcanbeattachedtoanytypeofpramorcot,aswellastoyourbaby'sactivitycentre

  • MADEBYLAMAZE:Allourbabytoysarecreatedthroughdedicatedresearchwiththehelpofdevelopmentexpertsspecializinginsensoryplaytoencouragethosemomentsofwonderandcreatethatsparkleofdevelopment

  • Encourage early development from day one with Lamaze Clip n Go stroller toys! Each of these baby accessories come packed with baby-safe features to become your baby's best companion to play and discover, at home or on the go! Its black and white high contrast patterns, chewy tail and clear 'page' that flips open and closed will give your little one a vast range of textures, shapes and colours to play and experiment with. All these features are an excellent support for your newborn's hand to eye co-ordination development and sensory stimulation, as well as imaginative play. Its friendly design and multiple colours will make your baby's eyes light up every time they see it. Clip this baby toy to a buggy, pram, or car seat to keep the little one entertained while shopping or travelling as it has no harmful areas or surfaces and contains no parts small enough to be ingested. Lamaze Clip n Go stroller toys make an ideal gift for a baby shower party or newborn's first Christmas - give the gift of fun learning and early discovery! Suitable for baby girls and boys aged 0 months and up

    LAMAZE L27197 Flip The Fish-Clip and Go-Pram Sensory Play Ideal Baby Gifts for New Parents-Newborn Toy-Suitable for Boys and Girls from 0-24 Months