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  • Havethefunctionofwear-resistant,heat-insulating,fireretardant,hightemperatureresistant,andReflectiveheatflow.

  • MadeofSplitCowhideLeather&AluminizedBackmaterial.Itcanreflecttheheatflow.

  • Equippedwithhandguardshield,tomakeordinaryweldinggloveshavetheeffectofreflectingheatflow.

  • Theouterlayerisareflectivealuminumreflectiveheatflow;theinnerlayerismadeofafireproofandwear-resistantbovinetwo-layercoreskin,providingfurtherinsulationeffect.

  • Easyandcomfortabletouse,suitableforindustrialboiler,metalsmelting,cutting,welding,smeltingandotherworkplaceneeds.

  • Feature:
    Made of Split Cowhide Leather & Aluminized Back material. It can reflect the heat flow. The outer layer is a reflective aluminum reflective heat flow; the inner layer is made of a fireproof and wear-resistant bovine two-layer core skin, providing further insulation effect. Equipped with hand guard shield,  to make ordinary welding gloves have the effect of reflecting heat flow. Have the function of wear-resistant , heat-insulating, fire retardant, high temperature resistant, and Reflective heat flow.  Easy and comfortable to use, suitable for industrial boiler, metal smelting, cutting, welding, smelting and other workplace needs.
    Material: Split Cowhide Leather & Aluminized Back
    Color: As picture shown
    Length: 21cm/8.3in
    Cuffs: straight cuffs
    Fitment: suitable for industrial boilers, metal smelting, cutting, welding operations, etc.

    Package Included:
    1 *  Hand Pad

    High Temperature Resistant Aluminized Material Back Hand Shield Wear-Resistant Hand Heat Shield with Hand Guard Shield for Industrial Boiler Metal Smelting