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  • Bodymadeofweather-resistantlarchwood,headandlegsmadeofspruce

  • MadeinGermany

  • Comeswithstandardsaddlesandbridles

  • Loadableuptoapprox.100kg

  • Suitableforguysandgirlsover36months

  • Product Description

    Helga Kreft susi garden horse body made of weather-resistant larch wood, head and legs made of spruce. The other features are head is to move up and down, but also to lock, height of the horse 75 cm, total weight approx. 20 kg, high stability due to wide legs, mane and tail made from 100% woollen wool, comes with standard saddles and bridles and loadable up to approx. 100 kg. Helga Kreft garden horse susi is an absolute novelty on the market and gives children the chance to have a first, really realistic riding experience. But this is not enough: susi is also an absolutely versatile game mate for the domestic garden. The special thing about our susi is that she can move her head up and down. So she can graze with a lowered head or keep his head up while riding. Susismaul is slightly open, so you can feed and feed it. To do this, the head can be locked to the body with the help of a holding device. The mane and the tail are pure wool and can be combed and dressed or braided for the tournament. Very nice are the ears placed in the cross to the head, which gives the head a three-dimensional character. With susi, children have plenty of horse-fun. They can be equipped with any conventional saddle, harnessed, cleaned, or braided - the mane can be grazed, stripped or covered with a blanket. Fits in the program we carry a halter, a leader knit, a horse set and a harrow. The garden horse "susi" is delivered pre-assembled. The head and legs are unscrewed for shipment. A bracing is applied to the body in order to maintain absolute stability. We recommend building the horseman with two adult persons. Halter and leader are not included. Product included holster, leaders trick, harrow and horse set.

    Helga Kreft 50050 Susi Garden Horse Multi-Color