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  • InnovativeDominoToySet:Itisanewtypeofdominotraintoyspeciallydesignedforchildren.Pushtoablock,andthenformanamazingchainreaction,sothatchildrenhavemorefun.

  • Allbuildingblocks,trains,andlinkagebarriersaremadeofhigh-qualityABSmaterialswithoutanyharmfulchemicalsubstances,whichcanprovideyourchildrenwithmaximumsafety.

  • Justfilltheblocksintothetrain,andtheblockswillautomaticallyfallasthetrainmoves,formingaperfectdominolineofendlessfun.

  • YourKidscancombineblocksintodifferentlettersornumbers.Theonlylimitisimagination.Ourdominosetsencouragecreativityandhands-onability.

  • Dominoblockscanhelpyourchildrengetvariousexerciseswhileplaying.ThisisagreatgiftthatcanbringhappinesstoKidsonChristmas,NewYear,Halloween,birthday.

  • Features:
    1.Innovative Domino Toy Set:It is a new type of domino train toy specially designed for children. Push to a blocks, and then form an amazing chain reaction, so that children have more fun.
    2.All building blocks, trains, and linkage barriers are made of high-quality ABS materials without any harmful chemical substances, which can provide your children with maximums safety.
    3.Just fill the blocks into the train, and the blocks will automatically fall as the train moves, forming a perfect domino line of endless fun.
    4.Your Kids can combine blocks into different letters or numbers. The only limits is imagination. Our domino sets encourage creativity and hands-on ability.
    5.Domino blocks can help your children get various exercises while playing. This is a great gift that can bring happiness to Kids on Christmas, New Year, Halloween, birthday.

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    Random doll
    1.Product name: Domino automatic launchs vehicle
    2.Applicable age: suitable for 3 years old and above
    3.Product material: environmentals protection material + electronic components
    4.Battery needed: 2 AA batteries
    5.Product size: 16X7.5X11CM
    6.Product function: automatically launchs domino simulation sound effects with one-click start

    Funming Electric Domino Train Blocks Set Toy Kids Automatic Domino Blocks Stacking Toy Set with Linkage Barriers for Boys Girls The Best Gift