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  • ​Foursoftblocksfeaturingearlylearningthemes,tetheredtogether

  • ​Eachblockfeaturesavarietyoftexturesforyourbabytoexplore

  • ​Introducesshapes,numbers,colours,animals

  • ​High-contrastcolours,self-discoverymirrorandjinglesoundsforvisualandauditoryskilldevelopment

  • ​Easilyattachestocriborstrollerwithaloop

  • Product Description

    Newborns will flip for the Fisher-Price Fun to Flip Soft Blocks. This set of tethered fabric blocks introduces shapes, numbers, animals and more as your baby flips, turns and jingles through tummy time. Each block features a variety of fun-to-touch textures and visually exciting patterns (there's a cute mirror, too.) to stimulate your little one's developing sensory skills while they work out those teeny muscles during play time.

    Where development comes into play

    Early Academics: Each soft block features early learning themes, including colours, shapes, numbers and animals.

    Sensory: An exciting variety of textures, high-contrast colours and sounds engage your baby's developing tactile, visual and auditory skills.

    Fine Motor: Little ones can exercise their hand-eye coordination as they grasp, turn and flip the blocks to explore all the sides.

    Fisher-Price GFC37 Fun to Flip Soft Blocks Tethered Sensory Baby Toys Multicolour