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  • ✅WiththesePropellerprotectors,Avoidseriouslanding,Largelypreventsthepropellerfromscratchingpeopleorobjects.

  • ✅Quickreleasedesign,easytoinstallandremove,

  • ✅Lightweightandsmall,easytocarryandstorage,Compatiblewithbeginnersandjuniorusers.

  • ✅Fullyprotectsthepropellersandimprovesflightsafety,thusyourdevicewilllastlonger.

  • ✅Whenhitwall,treeorwhatever,aslongasthepropellersrotate,yourdevicewillalwayskeepbalanced,Itwillstayinairinsteadofdroppingdown.

  • Commodity use: Vehicles &Remote Control Toys
    Available colors: White,Blue,Black,Red
    Compatible with Vehicle Type: Helicopters
    Four-wheel Drive Attributes: Assemblage
    Production material: Plastic
    Plastic Type: PE
    Tool Supplies: Assembled class
    Parts/Accessories: Protective frame
    Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: protector

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    F-Mingnian-rsg Propeller Guard Blades Protection Frame Guard Replacement Parts Compatible with SYMA X5 X5C X5C-1 X5SC X5SW Propeller Protectors Drone Accessories Color : Brown