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  • [1]Thebrighteststarintheskyturnsintotheeyesofahorse;thehappychildhoodthataccompaniesthebaby,everymomentinyoureyesisahappyappearance.

  • [2]Thewoodenhorsesswaygentlyintandem,andtheworldalsoswayswithyou.Youreyesarefullofstars,whichisinnocentandhappy.

  • [3]Safearctrainingbalancesense.Withafloorarcof0°-40°,thebabyusesthestrengthofthewaist,abdomenandlimbstomaketherockinghorseswaybackandforth,whichpromotesthebonedevelopmentofbabiesfrom1.5to6yearsold.

  • [4]Rubberwoodispreferred,withhighhardnessandcleartexture.Usedaschildren'sfurniture,ithasstrongbearingcapacityandlongservicelife.

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    Brave and cute rocking horse
    To accompany the babies in their childhood, whimsical
    Every baby is a born warrior
    They have little chivalry and love to explore everything

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    DUTUI Children's Solid Wood Wooden Horse Unicorn Rocking Horse Baby One Year Old Gift 1-6 Years Old Adults Can Sit 58X80x38cm