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  • Withbuildingblocks,youcantrainyourchild'shand-braincoordination.Aftertheproductisassembled,itcanalsobeusedasadecoration.

  • Withstep-by-stepinstructions,you'llfindaneasierwaytocompleteafullupgradeofyourfavoritekit.

  • Theshapeislifelikeandthedetailsareexquisite.Whenbuildingblocks,usethebuildingblocktoolswegiveaway,allowingyoutobuildblocksfaster

  • Suitableforpeopleover6yearsold,childrencanassembleindependently.

  • AwesomeGift:Thebuildingblocksetmeetsvatiousinterestsofchildren,evenforgrown-upcollectors.Thismodelkitwillalsomakeanicedecorinthelivingroomorbedroom.

  • Thank you for choosing yisanwu!

    yisanwu sells various building block kits, LEGO compatible LED lights and LEGO compatible acrylic display boxes, we will also continue to update the products, if you have any products, you can always visit our store

    Note: There are many small parts in the building block bag, please keep away from children under 3 years old!
    The LED lights are all handmade. Avoid vigorous pulling or shaking when connecting.
    Acrylic is a type of plastic. Do not drop, do not put in the car or other high temperature places. The acrylic sheet has a protective film during transportation. Tear them off when you receive them.

    We will give a set of building block assembly starter for free, and the color of the building block assembly starter will be distributed randomly

    If you have any questions, please email us and we will reply you within 24 hours, thank you again for your support and happy shopping!

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