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  • BATHTOYBUNDLE:GetsomeofthebestsellingBoonbabybathtoysinthisbundlethatcomeswithPipes,CogsandTubeseachwithsuctioncupsthatattachtothebathtoensurehoursofwaterplayfun!

  • THEBOONPIPES:Includes5differentbrightlycolouredpipeseachwithdifferentfunctionsforyourtoddlertoexploreanddiscoverencouragingcreativeplayandcognitivethinking

  • THEBOONCOGS:Includes5differentsizedgearsthatspinwhenwaterispouredthroughthem-yourlittleonewilllovecreatingnewwaterpathswhiledevelopingtheirimaginationandmotorskills

  • THEBOONTUBES:Includes3multicolouredpipeseachwithanewuniqueshapetoaddtothecollection!Encourageyourchildtousethesekidsbathtoystocreatemoreandmorecomplexpaths

  • COMPLETELYBPA,PHTHALATEANDPVCFREE-Nothinglikehavingapeaceofmindregardingyourbaby'ssafety.WithBoonproductsyoucanbesurethelittleoneisn'texposedtoanyofthatstuff!

  • Product Description

    Let the fun start, little engineer! Join together and expand your network with this Boon Bundle containing the Boon PIPES, COGS and TUBES - a fun, colourful and smartly designed set of bath products that will entertain your baby at this important time of the day. You will see them go back to playing with this Boon Bundle time and time again due to its inherent simplicity and amazing surprise factor that offers unlimited playtime possibilities. Each product comes in different colours, shapes and many more other functions, encouraging creative play and cognitive thinking. Watch your baby create more and more complex water chains with PIPES, COGS and TUBES and observe how each of them create different shapes of water travelling through them. Be sure to check out our acclaimed FROG POD to tidy it all up after the bath! Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world and is committed to creating nothing but the most enhanced gear and keeping it affordable. Boon is always in motion, tackling one parenting challenge after another whilst keeping a commitment to quality and safety. The full range of Boon infant and toddler products covers everything from feeding to bath time to bedtime. Their thing is problem solving and ingenuity, and simple yet effective design is their passion. Boon is a leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of infant and toddler products. We are driven by a strong desire to create modern products that help simplify parents lives while retaining their personal style

    Boon Pipes Cogs Tubes Baby Bath Toy Bundle Bath Accessories for Babies and Toddlers Multicoloured Toddler Bath Toys for Boys and Girls Suitable for 1 2 3 & 4 Year Olds Multi-Colour