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  • Bolzhummingspinningtopmadeofmetalwithadiameterofapprox.13cm,equippedwithagripandstand,toy-classicthatyourememberwithjoy

  • Bymovingthehandleupanddown,thespinningtopstartstoturn,creatingmulti-harmoniousandbeautifulspinningtones

  • Themetalspinningtopwithtrainmotifoffersafascinatingcolourplaywhenturningandwilldelightlittleonesfrom18months

  • Educationalspinningtopwithaveryhighplayingvalue,promotesfinemotorskills,awakenscuriosityandbringslotsoffun,agreatgiftideaforspecialoccasions

  • Dimensions(LxWxH):13x13x13.5cm,weight:102g,motif:railway,material:sheetmetal,plastic,package:loose,brand:bolz-qualitysince1880,itemnumber:52583,EAN:4006942841905

  • Product Description

    Toy - a classic that you will remember with joy. The lovingly designed metal spinning top from Bolz with a train motif opens up a fascinating world of sound and colour for toddlers aged 18 months and over. When turning the humming top, the locomotive and wagons blurry to a beautiful sea of colours. The high-quality pump gyro is made of metal, has a diameter of approx. 13 cm, is equipped with a handle and a stand tip. Spinning tops are educational value, have a high play value and a long service life. They contribute to the development of fine motor skills, awaken curiosity and provide a lot of joy for the little ones. Bolz - quality since 1880. Note: To avoid operating interference, please operate the gyro for optimal rotation only with one hand.

    Bolz 52583 Humming 13 cm Sheet Metal Swing Spinner Classic Pump Train Motif Stand Tip Toy Spinning Top for Children from 18 m+ Colourful