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  • Bestchildren'seducationaltoy:helpchildrenlearncolors,counting,andplaneorgeometricmodelingconstruction.Atthesametime,enhancethechild'ssenseofaccomplishment.Letyourimaginationrunwild!

  • Themostenvironmentallyfriendlymaterial:Thismagneticbuildingtoyismadeofenvironmentallyfriendly,odorlessPPmaterial,non-toxic,BPA-free,andnon-toxic.Itcontains25longmagnets,76shortmagnets,and22bendingmagnets.Stickand35centerballs.

  • Value3Deducationaltoys:160toysets,whichcantrainyourchildren’sgraphiccognition,stimulatetheirspatialthinkingandhand-eyecoordinationskills,provideyourchildrenwithinnovativeideas,enhancetheirabilitytodistinguishcolors,andenrichtheirCreativityandimaginationdevelopbrainthinkingability.

  • Thesafestmaterial:Allmagnetblocksaremadeofnon-toxicanddurableABSplastic,andtheedgedesignissmoothandnon-sharp,whichsafelyprotectsyourchild'shands.AllmagnetscomplywithCE,ASTMandEN71.

  • Portablestorageboxesandexquisitechildren'sgifts:Ourconstructionsticksareequippedwithstorageboxes,whichwillnevermessupyourhouse.Itisalsoveryportable.Itcanbeusedindefinitelyandiseasytoaccommodatewhetheritisindoorsoroutdoors.

  • Our brand: PLZXL; the brand originated in 1992, we are involved in all walks of life, have a solid background, a complete supply chain, each product is carefully selected, the quality is qualified, please rest assured to buy.

    Due to the interaction of the magnetic field, the magnetic rods can attract each other. Use children's creativity and imagination to control the magnetic rods and magnetic balls to create countless shapes and patterns so that they will never be bored.

    The best gift for children! ! ! Learn while playing! ! !


    A. Training children's coordination skills

    B. Improve children's intelligence IQ

    C. Cultivate children's emotions and stable emotional intelligence

    D. The perfect teaching and learning tool for children and teachers

    E. Stimulate children's imagination and various potential creativity

    F. Cultivate children's sense of color, three-dimensionality and sense of accomplishment

    Use high standard materials

    Our toys use high standard materials. PP, arc design, no sharp corners, no BPA, non-toxic, durable, to ensure the safety of children's toys. Magnetic building block toys are very suitable as birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.

    Suitable for children's teaching and adults to decompress. This is a perfect set of toys to build a positive relationship with your child.

    It is very popular in elementary and middle schools. Each rod and ball are the same size, which will help understand what the Pythagorean theorem is and how to perform 3D modeling.

    Lines and points seem to be two easy things, but not so easy. Some people can make them look orderly and comfortable. Romantics can create abstract works.

    Warning: choking hazard-toys contain small balls and small magnets and are not suitable for children under 6 years of age!

    160 PCS Magnetic Sticks Building Blocks Toys Magnetic Construction Set Toys Educational Stacking Puzzle Toys For Adults And Toddlers